This is a developer preview of Kubbos API. It's in beta, so it's subject to changes. If you need any of the "Coming soon" API services documented as soon as possible. Contact Us!

About the API

Kubbos API is an interface to access data from your Kubbos account using HTTP and JSON. With the API it is really easy to develop web and desktop applications that make use of your business information in Kubbos.

Some interesting ideas to develop with the API are:

  • Connection and integration with third applications (online stores, project managers, etc ...)
  • Import / Export data in a predefined format
  • Custom reports
  • Mobile Apps

To access the API is only necessary to have a Kubbos account (even free package) and use the username and password for identification.

Service URLs

Kubbos API has several URLs that perform different tasks depending on which one is called. Actually there are 5 main actions:


It returns a list of entities (customers, suppliers, persons, etc..). The "start" and "limit" parameteres can be used to show part of the list.


It returns an entity with the ID requested.


It creates a new entity


It updates the entity with new data. Only the updated data need to be sent in the request.


It removes the entity from the application

All Kubbos API communications are encrypted over HTTPS protocol. Any non-secured requests are automatically rejected.


To access the API you need and user and password for your Kubbos account, and for every request you make to the API you will need to show this user/pass token.

Here's an example of authenticated request made with curl to show the list of suppliers with 'logistic' on its company name:

curl -v -k -u USER:PASSWORD -H "Content-Type: application/json" -d '{"name":"logistic"}'

Request Limits

By default, all free accounts have a request limit of 1000 API requests per day. Paid accounts don't have a limit set at the moment but its use will be monitored to check that the rest of the users of the application are not damaged because of a unfair use.

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